Kathy Hagler, Founder

by k2ohsolutions

PhD in Higher Educational Administration and Certified Business Administration 
Drucker School of Business Administration, Claremont Graduate School
MA in Psychology; Eastern New Mexico University
BA in Math, Piano, Psychology; Eastern New Mexico University

Kathy is the founder of what is now known as K2OHSolutions, LLC. It began as the Technology Exchange Center, a non-profit public/private partnership that included continuous research of new theories and techniques which enhanced collaborative learning in business, academia, and non-profit organizations. The business was awarded the Best Non-Profit Award by Coretta Scott King. In those years, she consulted, trained, and facilitated improvement efforts with the Department of Defense, including Air Force, Navy, and the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars). She provided strategic planning and quality management for three Department of Energy’s National Laboratories and leadership and management training to government officials through the Office of Personnel Management. In addition, she consulted with the Miami International Airport and Dade County. Her work was recognized as the largest successful project of Vice President Gore’s Reinvention Labs.

She provided consulting to major academic institutions, including Maricopa College District in Phoenix, the Dallas Community College District, and other institutions of higher education in California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Idaho, and Maryland. Her work also included major large and small business and industry clients, such as Bechtel, Chevron and Shell Oil – refinery modernization projects, Pacific Gas and Electric, State of Wisconsin Investment Board, the Veterans Administration, Albertson Foundation – strategic and project planning, and many small engineering and construction firms, brokerage firms, manufacturing, and many others.

Other key accomplishments included designing and implementing a quality process for the Air Force that trained 10,000 personnel through local colleges. She developed a strategic plan with 35 corporations for the National Association of General Contractors; developed national training with AT&T, Bell Labs, for the Navy’s Design to Production Template; delivered training in Ethics for the Office of Personnel Management for federal government managers nationwide.

Dr. Kathy Hagler is nationally recognized as an authority on continuous improvement, quality, planning, organizational culture, and leadership coaching. She recognizes that theory without action is useless. Action without theory is costly. As noted, Kathy has the rare combination of theory that she learned directly from working and traveling with W. Edwards Deming and from Peter Drucker, her major professor at the Claremont Graduate School.

Kathy holds the following professional credentials:

  • AQ® Foundation Practitioner™
  • AQ® Level 2 Professional
  • Human Synergistics®-Culture and Leadership Assessment and Coaching
  • Strategic Doing™
  • Team Alchemy™
  • Carver Board Training
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • DiSC®
  • Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer
  • Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming

Kathy is from the beautiful state of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Kathy is PSYCH-K® and Landmark certified. She is a certified yoga instructor and enjoys exercise, reading, traveling, and hanging out in North Carolina and Idaho with her husband.

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